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EVA STAY YOUNG | № 3 May 2022

With over 20 years of experience not only in aesthetic facials, but also in the full spectrum of body shaping procedures, the first LPG partner in Bulgaria – since 2001 – Skin Line clinics today have the most advanced LPG Alliance. With its help, it successfully balances imperfections such as not only cellulite, but also excess weight, local fat deposits, loose skin, capillaries, scars and stretch marks, pigmentation. To achieve optimal end results, specialists use a wide range of equipment and injectable products according to each patient’s individual needs and desires. The interdisciplinary team at the clinics successfully combines device therapies administered by kinesiotherapists with laser and injectable treatments performed by dermatologists.

At Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics, they have developed several Signature packages of body treatments highly preferred by clients before the summer season:

SKIN LINE SIGNATURE HEAT & TIGHT Package includes 12 full body treatments with LPG Alliance, along with 6 radiofrequency treatments (Venus Legacy or InMode BodyFX, depending on the client’s needs) on a problem area. The program is prepared by the therapist. It is extremely suitable for the treatment of cellulite, loose skin on the arms and the so-called bra bulge, tightening of the abdomen.

Лична програма за тялото
Our experienced team of therapists led by Milena Vassileva

SKIN LINE SIGNATURE FREEZE & TIGHTCryolipolysis is an alternative procedure to surgical liposuction that targets fat cells by freezing. The results in the treated areas are incredible, but not every type of local fat accumulation is optimally addressed with this therapy alone. A patented treatment at Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics is the combination of cryolipolysis with LPG Endermologie for maximum effectiveness. The benefits are similar to those of the proven protocol over the years combining LPG lipomassage with traditional surgical liposuction.

SKIN LINE SIGNATURE ANTI-CELLULITE The program combines LPG treatments with injectable mesotherapy or a cocktail of different lipolytic substances selected according to the patient’s needs. The goal is effective and permanent cellulite reduction in problem areas.

SKIN LINE SIGNATURE PRP WITH ENRICHMENT FOR STRIAE Plasmotherapy is among the most popular regenerative treatments for the face and scalp. Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics’ patented treatment is the enrichment of the patient’s own blood plasma with a suitable cocktail of vitamins and minerals to nourish new cells for better effect. PRP therapy for stretch marks is a proprietary protocol of Dr. Damevska from Skin Line Sofia, successfully applied for both new and white stretch marks. The therapy is effectively combined with laser treatments for stretch marks – CO2 laser or non-ablative fractional laser ResurFX by Lumenis.

MORPHEUS8 FOR BODY Morpheus8 combines fractionated radio frequency with microneedling. The procedure improves skin quality and density, tightens the facial contour, and erases surface imperfections. Through the special body applicator, Morpheus8 can penetrate up to 7mm where it effectively melts fat, tightens skin, treats scars and stretch marks. The treatment is also suitable for small and difficult to treat areas such as loose skin around the navel, knees and more. It is successfully combined with CO2 laser, injectable lipolytics, and other non-invasive body shaping procedures.


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