During the summer months, every one of us wants to spend more time outside. It doesn’t matter whether we prefer going on holiday in the mountains, seaside or just to cool off in the pool, the sun rays bring not only a pleasant tan and positive emotions, but affect the condition of our skin.

The skin, as the largest human organ, has the important function of protecting the body from external negative factors. Additionally, it helps regulate the overall body temperature. The skin goes through a lot during the summer, even though it is able to adapt to the different conditions, it requires special care.

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How does summer affect the skin?

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays brings upon the risks of dehydration, appearance of pigmentations, allergies and burns, which is why you should prepare for:

An increased secretion of the sebum glands

Due to the higher temperatures, the intensive sun rays and the wind, the secretion of sebum is visibly increased, as well as sweating and overall loss of fluids. If the weather is warm and there is high humidity in the air, this further activates the sebum glands. This facilitates the growth of bacteria, which cause acne and other inflammatory processes.

Harmful UV rays

Under the sun’s UV rays, the formed free radicals affect the skin’s structure. Formation of melanin is increased and photoaging takes place – the natural elastic fibers begin breaking dawn, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Harm from the sun’s UV rays can cause not only sunburns, but also the formation of skin cancer.

The vulnerable skin of the children

Children’s developing immune system and their weaker thermoregulation makes them more susceptible to infections, while too much sun exposure creates a risk of heat stroke and burns. Sebum glands in children’s skin also don’t work as actively as they do in adults, causing issues like itching or peeling.

Steps for taking care of your skin during the summer

Everyone aims to have clean and glowing skin year round, but summer months can ruin those plans. Hot and humid weather, as well as sun exposure, often cause clogged pores, acne, burns or pigmented lesions.

To minimize those side effects, we recommend creating and following an appropriate skincare routine. Here are a few tips, which can help you maintain your skin’s health during the summer.

Cleanse your face routinely at home

Other than professional facials, your skin can be cleansed at home with clean hands.

In the summer, it is good to use products that are lighter in texture and wash sebum from the skin well. Using products without alcohol and applying an antioxidant serum, which provide hydration and protection from external factors, is a good option.

It is recommended that an exfoliant is used a few times per week to remove accumulated sebum and dead skin. Dust and pollution can be removed daily with a cleansing lotion and a suitable toner.

Keep your skin hydrated

The hydrating skincare you use should have a light formula even when applied on dry skin. Choose your summer hydrating cream so that it sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t clog the pores.

Sun protection is mandatory

The main type of rays reaching us are the UV-A rays, while less UV-B rays directly affect us. However, the first type are not beneficial to our body, as they provoke degenerative changes to cells.

Skincare for the beach or pool

Time spent at the beach, in the waves or in the pool is always pleasant and allows for rest from the exhaustion and pressure. However, it is recommended that we protect ourselves from the harmful sun rays early. To avoid negative consequences, keep the following recommendations in mind:

Correct application of sunscreen

The chosen product (best if it is SPF 30-50+) should be applied all over the body, including on the lips and ears. Pay attention to the quantity, which should be used, according to the sun protection factor, as well as how often it should be reapplied. Usually, the recommendation is to apply the product 30 minutes before you are exposed to the sun and then reapply the product every 2 hours. If you apply the sunscreen when you are already at the beach, you will be unprotected for at least the first 30 minutes of your stay.

It is good if you can choose a waterproof formula and to reapply the product after you come out of the water.

Other protective gear

It is best if you can hang out at the beach or around the pool wearing wide light colored clothing and a hat. Use an umbrella and sunglasses with UV protection.

Hydration of the skin after the beach/sea/pool

Other than the mandatory shower after leaving the sea or beach, you should think of staying well hydrated. Drink at least 1.5-2l of water daily and eat more fruits and vegetables. The overall tone of the body affects the skin positively. Taking vitamin E and C supplements, selenium and zinc help keep moisture in the skin cells.

What is the best professional care for our skin during the summer?

Maintaining our skin’s good appearance during the summer should also include specialized procedures, when needed. Combining them with good skincare at home can help you achieve visibly healthy skin. The experienced dermatologist will not only consult you, but do different aesthetic and cosmetic treatments according to its individual condition.

The advantages of professional skincare, which Skin Line’s team of experts can provide cover a lot of different areas and indications.

Removal of pigmentations

Pigmentations that have appeared following prolonged sun exposure can be treated effectively with laser fractional peels. The procedure also helps form new collagen and elastin and remodel the face contour.

IPL procedures with Lumenis Stellar M22 & InMode Lumecca are also exceptionally effective in the removal of pigmented lesions and other signs of photoaging.

Restorative therapies

If you feel that your skin is dry and dehydrated, and so that you can avoid photoaging and an array of dermatological issues, you can try the hydrating therapy with lipids from Babor cosmetics. Your skin will be perfectly hydrated and visibly more elastic.

The best technology

The innovative cosmetic system Hydra Glow is suitable for an all-encompassing professional care. This latest-generation device allows Skin Line’s cosmetologists to provide effective procedures that saturate the skin with oxygen, decrease sebum secretion and many others.

This is just a small selection of Skin Line’s services, which take care of every skin type, protect it and rejuvenate it in depth.

Even though it is difficult to maintain the health and appearance of your skin during the summer, using the correct methods and trusting experienced dermatologists, the sunny weather can only be a source of positive emotions and pleasant memories.

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