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EVA MAGAZINE | September 2022 by HILDA KRASTEVA | pictures INMODE

A number of taboos in the beauty sphere are irrevocably broken today. 

But the topic of changes in the intimate area such as incontinence is still raised 

timidly, although it affects every third woman.

In the philosophy of Skin Line Clinics, health and beauty always go hand in hand, and innovative and effective solutions to patients’ needs are a priority. The solution they offer for incontinence is the unique InMode FormaV device, which performs painless and effective radiofrequency treatments for the labia and vaginal canal.


The treatments stimulate the tissues and the production of collagen and elastin, supporting a regenerative and anti-aging effect. In addition to its positive effects on tissue tone and elasticity, radiofrequency energy stimulates blood circulation and improves lubrication. Unlike the previous generation of treatments targeting the same problems, with FormaV it is painless, there is no recovery period and takes less than an hour. In the U.S., where the procedure has been performed for several years, there has not been a single reported case of adverse or side effects – according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


In addition to being a stand-alone treatment, FormaV is a suitable maintenance after other laser and surgical procedures, as well as in combination with PRP (O-shot), hyaluronic fillers, mesotherapies and InMode Morpheus8 in the area. Excellent effect as prevention in younger women. FormaV achieves up to a 30% reduction in incontinence after just one treatment, while treating age-related changes to the vulva and labia, changes in sexual function and sensation, and changes in the vaginal canal due to childbirth or menopause.

Женска природа

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