Biolifting- therapy for the eye area


The eye area is the most delicate zone of the face. The skin around the eyes is very thin, fine, produces the least hydration, which is why it requires special care, attention, and persistence.

Biolifting creates a resonance, identic to those of the human organism. This lets it stimulate the blood flow around the eyes on a surface level and achieves a passive ‘exercising’ of the muscles. Biolifting is the perfect therapy for sagging eyelids, dark circles, puffy skin, and fine lines in the eye area.

1. Make up removal of the eye area

2. Facial tonic

3. Active care – concentrate with a special gel formula with a cooling and restructuring effect

4. Biolifting

5. Mask for the eye area – A cocktails of active substances, a light gel-cream texture with an immediate hydrating, refreshing and lifting effect. Especially created for the sensitive zone around the eyes, this mask removes puffiness, cools, calms and smoothens the fine lines. Decreases the visible effects from stress and tiredness.

6. Cryotherapy

7. Final product for eye area

Biolifting is performed by

Non-surgical lifting
Needle free mesotherapy and cryotherapy

Biolifting – therapy for the eye area

Needle free mesotherapy and cryotherapy+ Biolifting90lv
Lifting therapy with BABOR cosmetics and oxygen hydration100lv

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