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You’ve tried everything to remove the flab and cellulite: diet, many hours in the gym and other sports, diets, etc., but not with a very satisfactory result… No matter how hard you’ve worked, the most problematic areas such as the abdomen, flab, thighs, buttocks and breech often do not respond as we expect and wish.

The idea of going “under the knife”, of liposuction is drastic, has its risks as well as requires a recovery period. Therefore, in recent years, aesthetic medicine has been working hard on non-invasive body contouring and shaping methods. These methods exclude surgical intervention, create minimal discomfort and do not require recovery time. However, the results are not instantaneous and require patience. The first changes appear within 6 weeks and full results after 8 weeks. The results are even better if you also adhere to a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Worldwide, in recent years, the number of non-invasive body sculpting procedures performed has increased by more than 43% and the most successful methods among them are now clearly distinguished. The results of combining two or more methods increase the success rate by more than 40% than applying only one method. Therefore, when choosing a clinic offering this type of non-invasive procedures, it is better to choose the one that offers most of the already established methods working on a different principle, which in a proven combination will provide you with much better and visible results.

Here are a few of the world's most proven methods

LPG Endermologie - mechanical stimulation with vacuum roller massage

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LPG Endermology has become a byword for “anti-cellulite massage” in the world. The method was created 30 years ago to expand the application and upgrade the effect of ordinary manual massage. It is the only mechanical, 100% natural and non-aggressive technique to break down fat deposits, tighten sagging skin and combat the visible signs of aging.

With proven results from more than 85 scientific studies over the past 30 years, Endermologie stimulates latent cellular activity deep within the skin and underlying tissues, thereby combating the visible signs of aging – wrinkles, loose skin, localized fat, cellulite and more.

By gently patting the skin tissue, different areas of the body and face are perfectly treated in a 100% natural way based on the principle of mechanical stimulation.

Through a 35-minute full body massage, 2 to 3 times a week, LPG Endermologie achieves an overall slimming effect – reducing girth, drainage, improving metabolism, blood circulation and releasing retained fluids and toxins.

LPG Endermologie has no equivalent on the market.

Повече за LPG Ендермология можете да прочетете тук.

Multipolar radio frequency


Multipolar radiofrequency is one of the most established methods for local non-surgical treatment of fat deposits, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and vitalization of both body and face.

The multipolar radiofrequency penetrates evenly and concentrated over the entire treatment surface. It heats the tissue quickly, painlessly and densely to a depth of up to 3.5 cm, sufficient to cover subcutaneous skin, cellulite and fat deposits. The energy delivered is not dissipated in other parts of the body, but is concentrated in the area being treated, speeding up metabolism, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow in the area, increasing FGF-2 protein which stimulates the cell membrane to become more plump. The triglycerides that are found in the fat cells are broken down and the fatty acids are drained out through the rarefied membrane. The fatty acids pass into the lymph, and from there are expelled from the body through the liver and kidneys. Fat cells are drained, their volume shrinks, the process of collagenesis is stimulated – collagen and elastin production, fibroblasts are tightened. The result is firm, elastic and smooth skin, free of cellulite and fat deposits.

Multipolar radiofrequency procedures are among the most sought after in the field of medical aesthetics worldwide, with one of the most polar Venus Legacy devices performing over 3 million procedures annually! Between 8 and 10 treatments are required, once a week, and the most commonly treated areas are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breech, palms and arms.

The most popular device brands are Venus Legacy by Venus Concept and VelaShape III by Cyneron-candela.

Повече за Venus Legacy можете да прочетете тук.

Cryolipolysis - freezing of fat deposits


The number of fat cells in the human body remains unchanged throughout life. Fat cells do not die and new ones are not created, they only change their volume when weight is gained or lost. Unlike the other two methods that work on reducing the volume of fat cells, Cryolipolysis effectively reduces local fat deposits by destroying entire fat cells.

A special applicator sucks fatty tissue into the treated areas, temporarily reducing blood circulation and cooling them pain-free to -8 degrees in less than one minute. The goal of cooling is to achieve crystallization and die-off of at least 30% of the fat cells in that area in the first treatment by eliminating 3 of the 5 main fat cell constituents. The vacuum effect reduces blood flow to the treated area and through targeted control only excess fat is treated without damaging skin, muscle and other tissues. Perform a maximum of 3 treatments per year on the same area (thighs, breech, obliques, abdomen, double chin, above the knees) with a minimum interval of 6-8 weeks between treatments. Expected results are up to 30% reduction in fat deposits from the 1st treatment, up to 50% from the 2nd and up to 70% from the 3rd treatment.

The most popular device brands are Zeltiq’s Coolsculpting and Cocoon Medical’s CoolTech.

Повече за CoolTech можете да прочетете тук.

Combining the three methods

The different principles of action of the three methods allow the preparation of an individual program for each area in order to achieve optimal results. LPG Endermologie improves metabolism, drains excess fluids and helps to release the body more quickly from the cells destroyed by cryolipolysis or multipolar radiofrequency. It is suitable both before and after treatments with the other two methods.

Multipolar radiofrequency helps to soften fibrous cellulite prior to a cryolipolysis procedure as well as tightening the skin after. It is effective for topical application in areas with cellulite and fat deposits that LPG Endermologie is unable to address.

Cryolipolysis treatments are an alternative to surgical liposuction, are most effective in areas with more fat deposits and do not require frequent visits.

In most cases, applying only one method of body contouring and reshaping is not enough and a large number of procedures is no guarantee of a good result. Optimal results are achieved with the right combination of appropriate methods.

We at Skin Line Clinics have 18 years of experience in fighting cellulite, local fat deposits and visible signs of aging. We select our equipment after precise and long-term testing of the most effective and tested methods and the most proven manufacturers in order to achieve optimal results as well as combined treatment of each problem area.

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