Wonder Face

Neuro-muscular Stimulation
and Radiofrequency Lifting for the Face

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Developed in Spain from the leading specialists in the medical aesthetic devices, Wonder Face is the first and only device which synchronizes the effects of neuro-muscular stimulation and monopolar radiofrequency for the face.

The neuro-muscular stimulation for the face Wonder Face from the manufacturer of your favourite Wonder Sculpting for the body synchronizes radiofrequency and neuro-muscular stimulation for a holistic lifting effect and remodeling of the face contour. The leading Spanish technology lifts, recovers the lost volumes and tightens the double chin in short and thrilling 25 minute procedures. One procedure Wonder Face tightens the skin – without needles and without pain. It creates 1500 muscle contractions for only 25 minutes and alternates 10 second intervals of neuro-muscular stimulation and monopolar radiofrequency, deriving the maximum from both technologies.

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Wonder Face.
Neuro-muscular stimulation
+ rediofrequency.

Wonder Face is the first device which synchronizes inductive monopolar radiofrequency and neuro-muscular impulses. It has gone through rigorous clinical testing and its ergonomic design and intuitive use allow your aesthetic therapist to incorporate it into your treatment plan. The neuro-muscular stimulation works directly on the facial muscles, toning them and tightening the entire face, especially in problem zones such as the cheeks, forehead and double chin.

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Wonder Face.
Because beauty is in muscles.

WonderFace Wonder Face transforms the world of device-based facial procedures. It is the new favorite procedure to treat sagging and loss of skin turgor. It treats the skin and the facial muscles at the same time thanks to its unique synchronization of radiofrequency and neuro-muscular stimulation. In this way it tightens and rejuvenates the skin by heating the dermis and stimulating not only the muscles, but the synthesis of own collagen and elastin.

Wonder Face.

Three zones at the same time.

  • Forehead (Frontalis)
    Tightens the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and improves muscle tone.
  • Cheeks (Zygomaticus)
    Reduces the appearance of the nasolabial folds and prevents loss of volume in the middle third of the face
  • Double chin (Platysma)
    Decreases the double chin, tightens the V-contour of the face.
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Wonder Face. Technology that hasn’t been seen before

The combination between neuro-muscular stimulation and synchronized radiofrequency in Wonder Face can give you some unique effects:

  • Deep rejuvenation of the full face – the radiofrequency creates heat in the deepest layers of the skin, which stimulates the synthesis of own collagen and elastin.
  • Neuro-muscular stimulation – it causes contractions in the facial muscles, which tones and improves the face contour, recovers lost volumes in the middle third of the face.
  • Improved blood circulation – the heat generated from the radiofrequency improves blood circulation in the treated zones, making the skin glowing and beautiful.
  • Non-invasive procedure – Wonder Face is device-based procedure, without needles or surgery, without a recovery period and risks connected to invasive procedures.
  • Visible results – softer, tighter and younger skin is what you should expect after a procedure with Wonder Face – synchronized neuro-muscular stimulation and radiofrequency.

Wonder Face - Frequently asked questions

1. What is Wonder Face?

Wonder Face is an extremely innovative device from medical aesthetics which combines neuro-muscular stimulation and radiofrequency in one procedure for the face. Unlike traditional procedures which focus on the chemical processes of aging, it treats muscle atrophy.

2. Why Wonder Face is innovative?

Wonder Face is the only device which is capable of producing both neuro-muscular stimulation and radiofrequency at the same time. This unique combination creates up to 1500 muscle contractions and deep tissue heating for unique results.

3. HowWonder Face works?

Wonder Face works by developing the facial muscles and regenerating the own collagen and elastin. In this way, facial muscles become stronger and more toned, the supportive network of the face is strengthened and the skin quality and elasticity are increased.

4. When will I see the first results?

You will notice results immediately after the first treatment, but the longer-lasting ones occur after the third or fourth session, similarly to a ‘gym for your face’.

5. Does Wonder Face hurts?

No! The procedure is created for you – to be pleasant and thrilling.

6. Which zones can be treated simultaneously ?

Wonder Face treats the forehead, cheeks and the zone of the double chin, improving the face contour and the skin texture.

7. Can Wonder Face be combined with dermal fillers or botullinum toxin??

Yes, but we advise that you wait one month after any injectable procedures before you do Wonder Face, so that you can get the maximum effect from all procedures.

8. Are there any contraindications for Wonder Face procedures?

Wonder Face is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you have had recent surgery in the treated zones or implanted electrical devices (pacemakers, etc.).

9. Are there any side effects?

Even though the procedure has no side effects, some patients may experience slight muscle soreness in the treated zones.

10. How often can Wonder Face be done?

We recommend that you do the procedure twice a week with a minimal period of 24 hours between sessions.

11. What can Wonder Face treat?

Wonder Face offers a few unique protocols – toning, lifting, recovery (especially suitable after other, more invasive procedures or after acne), program for skin texture (suitable for large pores, uneven texture). Each of them addresses different indications and skin concerns. Your aesthetic therapist will combine the protocols according to your skin’s needs.

12. How should I care for my skin after the treatment??

There is no specific skincare after a procedure with Wonder Face, as it does not bring any risks or side effects. Just like with all other procedures, to maintain and improve your results, we recommend using a high SPF factor sun protection product daily and hydration.

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