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Mesotherapy for hair growth stimulation

Mesotherapy for the stimulation of hair growth is an injectable procedure. It is in use for decades and it aims to restore the shine and volume of thinned hair and stimulate hair follicles, make it stronger, more durable and more lively. The mesotherapy cocktails activate hair growth, improve its elasticity, strength and density. The surface microinjections are applied right under the epidermal layer of the skin, so that they can stimulate the natural regeneration and cell proliferation of the hair follicle.

The mesotherapy is applied to men and women, to treat hair loss, caused by medication, stress, diseases, hormonal disbalance, alopecia areata, androgenous alopecia, profilactic purposes, and others.

Mesotherapy uses a process with a double effect, including both chemical and mechanical stimulation of the zone, done by numerous injections.

Мезотерапия за скалп

The mesotherapy solution injected in the scalp contains a combination of specific microelements, minerals, aminoacids, vitamins, growth peptides, nucleic acids and coenzymes especially selected according to the unique needs of the patient. The treatment restores the functionality of the skin and increases cell metabolism, improves blood circulation in the zone of the scalps, hydrates and nourishes the skin of the head, stops hair loss and strenghtens the hair follicle. It awakens the inactive follicles and ensures the stable growth of new and strong hairs, and slowly restores the hormonal balance.

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Mesotherapies for scalp

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