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Plasmolifting ™


Plasmolifting™ is a patented procedure for injecting an own blood plasma, rich in thrombocytes, white blood cells, growth factors and stem cells, obtained through centrifugation. This method is used in aesthetic medicine for skin regeneration, tightening, refreshment and prevention of the face, neck, decollate, hands, around-eye area. Own plasma enriched with thrombocytes is a natural substance which facilitates collagen synthesis processes, hyaluronic acid production, tissue regeneration, internal respiration and controls cell growth.

Plasmolifting™ is a procedure suitable in cases of age-related skin changes for smoothening wrinkles, deep hydration, face contour tightening, tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, in case of sun damaged skin for making the skin tone even, pigmentation reduction, in case of scars – for smoothening and improving skin texture, in case of acne- for optimization of the healing processes and immunity, in case of alopecia /hair loss/.

How does the procedure Plasmolifting 


1. Sampling the patient`s venous blood in a special certified tube Plasmolifting ™

2. Centrifugation of blood so that the platelet autoplasma be separated

3. Extraction of the platelet autoplasma

4. Injecting the platelet autoplasma into the treated area

Plasmolifting™ is a safe, non-allergic, harmless method which is successfully combined with all procedures for integral facial sculpting.


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