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Laser system Cynosure Elite+

Лазерна епилация София

Cynosure is an American company – the founder of the Alexandrite laser and a worldwide leader in the production of laser systems, created for aesthetic and medicinal purposes. At the moment Cynosure owns 37 patents in the USA and 14 different laser systems, which are used in over 60 countries in the world.

Cynosure is the most known and proven brand of laser systems – a synonym of quality of procedures and the name for laser hair removal in the USA, with hundreds of clinical trials supporting it.

Laser hair removal with Cynosure Elite+

Лазерна епилация София

Cynosure Elite+ is the fastest and most effective laser system in the world created for laser hair removal.

Cynosure Elite+ is a medical laser platform, which combines two separate lasers –

  • Alexandrite laser (755nm) – the ‘heavy artillery’ in laser epilation – the only laser, that’s proven effective for thin and fine light hairs, appropriate for I, II, III and IV skin phototypes. The clinical trials show 79% decreasing of the unwanted hair after only 3 procedures.
  • Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) – with its wavelength, the powerful Nd:YAG laser is the safest and most effective laser made to work with darker skin – V to VI phototype and tanned skin.

In practice, the laser platform Cynosure Elite+ is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, and has the unique ability to work on absolutely all skin phototypes.

What are its advantages?

Лазерна епилация София
  • Less number of laser procedures needed – Elite+ is twice as powerful as the competitive systems on the market, and with the ability to emit a huge amount of energy very fast. This makes Cynosure Elite+ offering much higher success rate per procedure compared to the other laser, achieving the end result with way less laser sessions.
  • Big laser spot – 24mm working laser field, allowing the treatment of the 44% bigger area for every laser impulse (compared to the standard 15mm) and much faster procedures. The size of the laser spot gives additional possibility for deeper penetration in the skin – very important during the last or the maintenance procedures of the course laser hair removal.
  • Effective treatment even of the finest and lightest hairs – After a few sessions laser hair removal, the unwanted hair is not only reduced, but also thinned and more light, which is the biggest challenge for almost all the other laser systems on the market. Cynosure Elite+ offers a wide range of sizes of the laser spot and the length of the impulse – from 0.5ms to 300ms, which allows the operator to treat effectively even the finest and lightest hairs.

It also has an independently functioning cooling system Ecocool by Ecomed, which is able to cool down to -40°C, specially created to ensure maximum comfort, painlessness and lack of burning during aesthetic laser procedures.

What makes the Alexandrite laser by Cynosure the most effective tool for laser hair removal?

  • A highly decreased number of necessary procedures. Due to the high power of this laser system, every procedure is a few times as effective as one treatment with other laser systems.
  • Way better results – up to 97% less hair. (compared to a maximum of 60-70% in almost all other laser systems)

  • Successfully treats fine and light hairs. (almost all laser systems are only effective for the first 1 or 2 procedures, and only for dark and thick hairs). This makes this particular laser system one of the most effective for zones on the face and the entire legs, where the most common hair removal methods are tweezing, using an epillator, or waxing, which has lead to fine hairs with loss of pigmentation.
  • Minimal risk of the procedure. All the laser procedures at Skin Line are performed from medical person, which minimizes the risk of the procedure.

Other procedures with Cynosure Elite+

  • Laser anti-aging (Nd:YAG 1064nm
  • Permanent removal of widened capillaries, hemangiomas (Nd:YAG 1064nm)
  • Treatment of onychomycosis /nail fungus/(Nd:YAG 1064nm)
  • Removal of pigment lesions (Alex 755nm)


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